Polar Bear Approved

Eliminator Pro™ water softener offers simple programming, over sized salt tank, where the drain line does not encumber the bypass and 10% cross linked resin to ensure years of uninterrupted soft water.

Environemently friendly metered control valve that only backwashes when needed saving you money on salt and water.

Without a doubt the easiest and most homeowner friendly programmable water softener on the market. Where the buttons to push are actually labeled. And don’t forget, the memory ensures that programming will never be lost during a power outage.

An oversized brine tank is standard with the EliminatorPro™ water softener. At 14x14x41” inches tall it is easily the largest standard brine tank on the market. And the designer lid is unparalleled in looks and durability.

What blows the competition away is the 10% cross linked resin that comes standard with the EliminatorPro™ water softener. Most softeners come with 7 to 8% cross linked resin at best. The 10% cross linked resin removes more water hardness and last longer on city and well water. Giving years of uninterrupted soft water.

The simple and durable design makes the EliminatorPro™ last for years on end with its only one moving part. With only one moving part it is inexpensive and easy to service.

Eliminator Pro™ is currently accepting new dealers. Dealers can inquire about selling the EliminatorPro at sales@eliminatorpro.com.


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